Neural Networks – A Systematic Introduction

Raúl Rojas,  Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1996, 502 S. (two editions)

Book Description

Neural networks are a computing paradigm that is finding increasing attention among computer scientists. In this book, theoretical laws and models previously scattered in the literature are brought together into a general theory of artificial neural nets. Always with a view to biology and starting with the simplest nets, it is shown how the properties of models change when more general computing elements and net topologies are introduced. Each chapter contains examples, numerous illustrations, and a bibliography. The book is aimed at readers who seek an overview of the field or who wish to deepen their knowledge. It is suitable as a basis for university courses in neurocomputing.

Excellent Introduction to Neural Nets

This is a very good book. It provides a nice, clearly presented introduction to neural networks both in theory and applications. The basic maths are easy to understand and the list of references is very complete.

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