The Poverty of Nations – A Guide to the Debt Crisis from Argentina to Zaire

Elmar Altvater, Kurt Hübner, Jochen Lorentzen, Raúl Rojas (Hrsg.),  ZED Books, London, 1991.

The poverty of nations: A guide to the debt crisis–From Argentina to Zaire, Altvater, Elmar, Hübner, Kurt, Lorentzen, Jochen, Rojas, Raul, eds., Translated by Terry Bond. London: Zed Books; distributed in the U.S. by Humanities Press International, Atlantic Highlands, N.J., 1991, pages 282.

„Translation of the updated German edition of Die Armut der Nationen: Handbuch zur Schuldenkrise von Argentinien bis Zaire. Twenty-two papers describe the origins and causes of the international debt crisis using examples from countries in every continent. Contributions examine the structure and trends in the debt crisis, and present case studies of Argentina, Brazil, Central America, “least” developed countries, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Yugoslavia, and Zaire. Coeditors are Kurt Hubner, Jochen Lorentzen, and Raul Rojas.“

 Review in Journal of Economics, Vol. XIX, 1993.