Brain Computer Interfaces

We have been working with Brain-Computer-Interfaces based on EEG (electroencephalography  measurements) since 2009. In our group we have been able to register and classify the measurements extracted from simple EEG recording devices (16 channels) and more complex laboratory-grade EEG sensors (64 channels). Based on those sensors we can control robots, especially wheelchairs and cars.

Our first EEG device
Our first EEG device

In 2011 Prof. Rojas showed the first car driven purely with thought, using EEG signals from the brain. The EEG signals are processed by a computer which gives the commands to the electronics of the car.

The EEG sensors used in BrainDriver
The EEG sensors used in BrainDriver

A video of the BrainDriver working was posted to the Internet. It was the most seen technology video in Germany during March of 2011.

Report in BBC.COM

Mind Control: I drove a car with my thoughts

“A car in Germany can be steered with thought alone. Rose Eveleth asks its driver and his team about the fiendishly difficult skills required to steer mind-controlled vehicles.

By Rose Eveleth

20 June 2014

Henrik Matzke is in the driving seat of a car, poised to make a very unusual manoeuvre. The car pulls up to a junction. He concentrates for a moment, willing the car to turn. The steering wheel spins, and the car veers to the right, accelerating away.

With his hands on his lap, Matzke is driving the car with thought alone, often at speeds up to 50km/h (31mph). “